The Red Shirt Project to me, is not only great for the community but it also works to bridge the gap between our cultures. --Molina Jo S.

The Red Shirt Project is the annual mission trip to the Red Shirt Village, on the Pine Ridge Reservation.  The group travels together, by van to the village of Red Shirt.  On arrival, the group participates in various service projects, while forming community with other young adults from the village and each other.  The group worships every day, using the Disciples Prayer Book (a publication of the National Church Office of Native American Ministry), and visits local historic sites, such as the Wounded Knee Massacre site, Crazy Horse Monument, and South Dakota’s Badlands.  In previous years, the group has had the pleasure to experience a variety of cultural events, such as the Oglala/Lakota Nation pow-wow, native story telling, native art, and various offerings from elders and leaders among the village and reservation inhabitants.  Participants will encounter their faith and their sense of self, through a shared common experience with experienced priests and lay leaders in a two-week mission and work camp.